We aim to get you back to your optimal performance as quickly as possible

Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy

Sports and Therapeutic Massage

Massage is a hands-on-treatment, which employs a variety of techniques to create changes in the soft tissues of the body such as skin fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Sports massage can be used pre- and post sports performance. It utilises techniques that can assist elite and recreational sports performers in the prevention of injury, improvement of performance and in the reduction of muscle soreness and scar tissue formation.

Therapeutic massage uses techniques which improve circulation, decrease muscle tension and can help to alleviate physical and psychological stresses in the body.

Manipulative Physiotherapy

Manipulative physiotherapy involves the precise assessment of musculoskeletal ailments. Chiropractic manoeuvres are performed at relevant joints. Treatment techniques facilitate biomechanical alignment and increased range of movement.

Sports Therapy

Whether you are an elite athlete, a sports enthusiast or merely a spectator, we treat each case individually, and with our full attention. We aim to get you back to your optimal performance as quickly as possible, by taking you through the correct treatment programme. We aim to restore strength, proprioception, flexibility and agility from early stage rehab through to supervised gym  work to minimise future risk of injury.

Cryotherapy / Electrotherapy

Cryotherapy refers to a variety of cold applications that can be used in multiple ways to effectively treat sports injuries. It can be used for a number of therapeutic purposes including the treatment of: acute or chronic pain; acute inflammation or injury; postsurgical pain and swelling. Electrotherapy is a form of medical treatment, TENS specifically, which uses small electrical impulses to repair tissue, stimulate muscles and increase sensations. The effects of electrotherapy include a reduction in pain, increased strength and muscle tone, increased range of movement and muscle contractions.

Personal Training

1-on-1 training or group training is fantastic for health and social benefits.  At Physique Rehab we train with clients in gyms, athletic tracks, football pitches and their home environment.  The diversity within our team provides something for everyone, and we work closely with nutritionists and other personal trainers to maintain a high standard of service.


This involves inserting needles into the skin at defined places which helps to relieve pain. Acupuncture has proven to be effective in treating a number of conditions including headaches, back, neck and other joint pain, along with arthritis. The benefits of acupuncture vary between different individuals.


Hijamah, also known as wet cupping, is the only form of treatment which lifts up tissue rather than pressing down into it which gives it its uniqueness.  Fire cupping, also known as dry cupping, involves the placement of heated glass cups on the skin which creates a vacuum.  These treatments aid circulation and lymphatic flow.

Please contact our friendly team who will be happy to assist with booking your appointment. Booking is simple and straightforward. We have a range of morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments through the week, so we can always find something to fit your busy schedule.