A jubilant simple insight of wisdom saw the birth of Physique Rehab - "Your Health is Our Wealth"

Our Approach and Values

Good health

At Physique Rehab, we strongly believe that each individual has the right to pursue their goals in good health. We aim to deliver excellent physiotherapy and sport rehabilitation services; to add value to the health status of all P.R. clients.

Holistic approach

We always take a holistic approach to our patient - not just simply managing a injury or ailment, but seeing them as whole individuals taking into consideration their personal, social, occupational and recreational activities. Our therapists demonstrate their experience assessing and treating patients in the NHS and the private sectors:

  • Muskuloskeletal
  • Neurology Rehab
  • Elective and Truama Orthopaedics
  • Respiratory
  • The Community
  • Mental Health and Geriatrics.

Continuous development

At Physique Rehab, we participate in continuous development to aid our ability to identify causes of discomfort, efficiently problem solve and provide the best solution. By providing our specialists skills, our role is to give you better performance in your chosen field of recreation, career or simply your activities of daily living.

Please contact our friendly team who will be happy to assist with booking your appointment. Booking is simple and straightforward. We have a range of morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments through the week, so we can always find something to fit your busy schedule.